You can have it all, but…

Hey there,

Just a quick coaching note today.

I often find myself telling my clients this: You can have it all, but you can’t do it all…well, not all at once and not all by yourself.

I often have to coach my clients around how one of the best (and fastest) ways to reduce stress is by releasing our need to “do it all.”

There’s no need to be superwoman (or man) — figure out how your time and efforts are well spent (including things that you enjoy!) and prioritize those, shed the rest. Hire a house cleaner, get creative about childcare support, find coaches and mentors in areas where you need support to uplevel (it’s the fastest path to transformation, by the way), find your tribe, and do whatever you have to to free up the time you need to feel like yourself — and drop the illusion (and curse) that is perfection.

So here’s your mid- to late- week challenge:

I want you to ignore something that you think “has to get done today” and do something that brings you great joy instead. Have a pile of a laundry that’s been sitting there? Don’t do it today read a book (that you don’t have to read for work!) Have to bake cupcakes for your kid’s school party? Screw it, buy (gasp!) something (healthy, please) and call it a day.

Yup, just don’t do it. Just. Don’t. Do. It.

You’ll wake up tomorrow and find out that the world is still spinning. Remember, it’s only ever the thoughts we project (around things having to be a certain way, or having to get done…) that cause the pressure and the stress. That pile of laundry would never hurt you otherwise.

So, what didn’t you do today?! — celebrate it by emailing me and letting me know! You deserve a (perfectly imperfect) pat on your back! xo

P.S. After guiding sooo many awesome clients through my Stress Less + Live More Mastery Program the past couple of years, I’m taking the summer to take it to the next 2.0 level! – it’s going to be epic (if I don’t say so myself…ha ha) and I can’t wait to introduce it you.

Wishing you lots and lots of healthy (but no where near perfect) high vibes,



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