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Pic-Program-VibeWithMeOne-on-One High Vibe Coaching

For more info on my one-on-one holistic health & nutrition, mind/body/soul coaching programs please schedule a free  Stress Less + Live More session [CLICK HERE].

The Stress Less + Live More Mastery Program is specifically designed to break the destructive cycle of stress in the body allowing you to live a more vibrant (high vibe!), energetic, and happy + healthy life. (P.S. You won’t be hitting snooze over and over again during the workweek!)

Wouldn’t it be amazing to feel as if you had a life beyond the office (and we’re not just talking about the weekend) — a life where you could engage more with friends/family, explore your passions (and feel as if you had the time to do so), have meaningful relationships, set and accomplish goals (all of your goals), and live the life of your dreams? It’s time to stop telling yourself, you’ll “start tomorrow, or next week, or after that big work project wraps up.” (P.S. That’s a cycle of resistance  + a mind trap that’s always going to hold you back if you let it, by the way…)  Be honest with yourself — it’s time to start living (truly living) now.

We’ll work together to reduce feelings of overwhelm + anxiety, allowing your body to reset + repair and to, ultimately, reverse the negative side effects of stress, including brain/mental fog, excess weight (from stress hormones), mood swings, food cravings, low energy, lack of focus + indecisiveness, feelings of being “stuck,” resistance + procrastination, “stress belly” + other digestive health issues, and more.

We’ll take a phased approach to:

  • Making over/shifting your Mindset + Identifying your “Mind Traps” (via Meditation + Mindfulness strategies)
  • Balancing the Nervous System (to reduce stress + repair the body)
  • Raising your Energy/Vibration through Yogic Breath + Body Work
  • Sleeping More, Stressing less
  • Getting Clean (food/nutrition)
  • Squeezing out Resistance + Organizing Chaos
  • Reducing Anxiety + Overwhelm
  • Reframing Fear
  • Making Heart-Centered Decisions + Putting them into Action

Pic-Program-VibeTribe Small Group Coaching

Sometimes life is a little more fun with a few of your girlfriends…

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vibeatwork Corporate Health & Wellness 

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