Stop and Smell the…Wildflowers

Sometimes you have to simply stop and smell the roses — or, in this case, the wildflowers.

I’ll be road-tripping this weekend to the peaceful mountain town of Crested Butte (the “Wildflower Capital” of Colorado) for its annual Wildflower Festival.

And here’s why I’m mentioning this — even though this is something I’ve been looking forward to for quite some time, I still found myself telling my husband earlier this week that, “I’m too busy and perhaps this weekend isn’t the best time to go.”

I was feeling stressed. I was feeling the pressure of several big projects. I had that feeling of ‘there’s not enough time…’

And then I remembered this:

The more time we have for a project or task, can actually mean there’s more room for resistance — in the form of distraction and procrastination — to set in, and when resistance starts pulling us away from the task at hand, the stress cycle starts.

The more time we clear from our schedules means it’s that much easier for us to tell ourselves, “I’ll do it later.” We then get sidetracked by laundry, by emails, by social media, by cleaning the house and so on (you get the idea!)

And I know you know what I mean. We’ve all had those weekends where we have a full to-do list and we’ve cleared our social schedule to tackle it all, but by Sunday evening we realize we only half-completed a few of the projects. Sure, we felt “busy” all weekend, but somehow things didn’t quite get done.

We let resistance in…

Try  ‘squeezing out resistance’ this weekend. One of the best ways to do this is to organize projects/work around our social/fun/self-care activity time. Not only do these activities give the mind + body a break from “work mode” (helping our sympathetic nervous systems to take a little breather), but they light us up with plenty of soul fuel to power us through the workweek. Plus, switching up routines actually allows for more creativity. If you want a super creative Monday morning, do something new and different over the weekend.

Take that break. Everything else will still get done — and probably at a much more productive pace.

So, here’s what I want all of us to do this weekend: 

SAY YES to at least one fun activity or self-care act we were going to put off simply because we thought we were “too busy.”

Declined a girlfriend’s spa day invite this weekend? Call her back and say yes! Get your bicycle out of storage — finally. Take your neighbor up on Sunday’s bbq invite. Go to the beach with the kids, and so on. (And let me know what you said YES to! I’ll be saying yes to that road trip!)

So, have fun and play this weekend. I promise you have “time.”

Crested Butte 2

Wishing you lots of HIGH VIBES and reminding all of us to stop and smell the roses (and the wildflowers)!

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