Why Diets Don’t Work…

I received an email this week from one of my High Vibers (a.k.a. a client!) telling me she was finally able to put on the pair of jeans she had purchased 5 years ago, but was never actually able to wear (until now).

Here’s the exciting part we’re only in our third month of working together!

Now, weight loss wasn’t even the main reason we started out on this journey together. Managing stress and mindset were the motivating factors for her.

But here it is — when we start mastering our body’s nervous system (taking it out of the “fight or flight” mode more often), when we start working on our glandular health, when we start treating inflammation in the body, and when we start tweaking our diet for optimal brain and digestive health (all of which help with our outlook and mindset, and how our body processes stress), things start to fall into place. Our body starts working for us, not against us — and then the shifts begin to occur.

Here’s why I’m sharing this story — it’s that time of year. Yup. New Year’s Resolutions. New Year, New You! Lose the weight before Summer! And the list goes on.

We’re absolutely bombarded with messages, ads and promotions for health routines and diets this time of year, almost all solely focused on weight loss.

And guess what? The simple fact of the matter is that most of these short-term “diets” fail us.

Why? They’re treating the symptom…not the cause. As such, they simply don’t stick. They don’t create lasting change.

If we’re not learning how to control our thought patterns, habits and the underlying emotions (and there are always underlying factors that are subconsciously influencing us…) we’re not creating a foundation for true, long-lasting health and happiness.

And P.S.— If our body is constantly in a state of high stress, we may never lose that weight, regardless of how many hours we spend in the gym. That’s a physiological truth—and it relates to how our nervous system significantly influences the fuel our bodies use at any given moment.

When we’re in that super stressed “fight or flight” zone, and our system is communicating to every cell in the body we’re in danger, our body’s perception is that it has to fuel us to get out of this danger. So, our body makes the fastest burning fuel available (glucose). If our body is always in that state (and that’s the issue here — so many of us are like this so often!) we only essentially burn glucose and never quite access and burn the fat reserves.

So, I tell you this from the bottom of my heart — no matter the health routine or “diet” you may decide to chose or practice this year — you absolutely need to manage stress levels first.

And everything else will naturally fall into place.

Wishing you lots of (stress-free) holiday HIGH VIBES!

P.S. Wondering how to start managing stress levels in the body? Let’s chat and see how I might be able to help. CLICK HERE to set up a time. Can’t wait!


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