If you think wellness is expensive, try illness

I’m going to be super direct and candid with you today. I normally try to share an inspiring story or uplifting, helpful anecdote that (hopefully) motivates you or brings a bright moment to your day + inbox, but I’m going to cut to the chase today…because we all need to hear this.

When it comes to your health, you either pay nowor you pay later. Now, “pay” here implies a few things: your attention and care, your effort, will power and time, andyes, at timesresources.

Our bodies and minds will age (there’s no getting around that one!), but how our genes play out as we age is almost entirely up to us. Yup. You read that correctly. In fact, I recently attended a Deepak Chopra lecture (on the power of the mind-body connection and integrative health) and he said that 95% of our genes take their cues from lifestyle and environmental factors. That’s HUGE. So, yeah, when it comes to our health, we have way more power and control than you think.

But, the choice is ours.

We can pay the (organic!) farmer now, or the pharmacist later. We can take time out of our busy workweeks to meditate and workout now, or we may find ourselves with lots of time on our hands when we’re lying in bed with the flu this Winter.

I’ve seen this quote bouncing around social media lately, and I absolutely love it because it’s so darn true: If you think wellness is expensive, try illness.

So, what’s your health worth to you? Neglecting it could cost you everything…

Wishing you lots and lots of healthy high vibes, and a HEALTHY & WELLthy Fall season.

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