My secret to health & happiness…

I’m going to share a little secret with you…

But, first, I’m going to explain this pic.

This past July, I was attending my summer residency in Boston (for my Master’s program in Mindfulness Studies.) While in class, we were discussing perceptions – specifically – how the wise teachings of the Buddha frame perceptions and mental constructs (after all, if you’re studying contemplative practice + mindfulness, you have to explore its roots in Buddhism.)

Our incredibly insightful professor then mentioned mental “blind spots” — and to literally demonstrate this, he had us raise both hands, with arms completely outstretched in front of us, and walked us through this exercise…

I want you to do this now:

  • Raise hands to about eye level
  • Fully extend arms, and position your hands like mine in the pic (thumbs touching, index finer raised, and rest of fingers folded over.)
  • Focus both eyes on the tip of your LEFT index finger—you can still see (in your peripheral gaze) the tip of your other (right) finger.
  • Now, while still focused on tip of left finger, close your LEFT eye—and, oops, where did the tippy top of your right finger go?! It disappeared! Go ahead and wave that right finger from side to side, while still focused on left index finger…you can actually see it coming into your peripheral view when it’s tilting to the left side. But, when fully extended straight up, the tip of that right finger is fairly blurry, if not visible at all.
  • Try this on the right side now—focus both eyes on tip of right index finger, and then close the right eye. The tippy top of the left finger is now gone!

Boom—you have blind spots. We all do.

Now, here’s the secretaccepting this, and finding ways to honestly identify your blind spots, is the key to a happier and healthier life.

Think about it – we’ve all heard the saying, “you don’t know what you don’t know.” Well, you can’t see what you can’t see

The most successful, happiest and healthiest people out there all know that blind spots are inevitable and, as such, having them is not a sign of weakness. But pretending they don’t exist is.

That said, here’s another secret…even coaches have coaches. Why? Because we know and accept that we have unique, individual blind spots that we can’t see on our own. That’s a fact. I’ve upleveled my life – personally and professionally – with a team of mentors + coaches. Relying on my “Team Shelby” to help me understand what I just can’t see has been worth the effort (and personal investment). I truly believe it’s the fastest way to real transformation. And I speak from experience.

As a coach, I’m often asked what I do. I can rattle off so many stats about holistic health, stress reduction and client success stories that it will make your head spin. But, recently, I answered this by simply saying, “I find my clients’ blind spots.”

Most importantly, I work with them to find solutions. I work with them to help them identify and see habits that are not serving them, and find ones that do.

So, ask yourself this — what aren’t you seeing in your day-to-day life? What habits aren’t serving you? Where are you self-sabotaging your health and happiness? What would life be like if you could see (and I mean really see) all of this?

Remember, we all have our blind spots.

OK – if you’re interested in exploring what your blind spots might be, click here to schedule a chat.

Wishing you lots and lots of high vibes (and lots of healthy, high vibe habits!),



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