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The ‘attitude of gratitude’ is the highest way of living, and is the biggest truth, the highest truth.” – Yogi Bhajan

Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope you spent the day with family, friends and loved ones and have truly reflected on the blessings you truly do have in your life. I wanted to coach you a bit on Black Friday (below), but first let’s talk gratitude.

As many of you know, I have a special place in my heart for Kundalini Yoga & Meditation and I wanted to share a philosophy that is deeply embedded in the practice and teachings — that is, the ‘attitude of gratitude.’

And, this isn’t just some new age hippie dippy stuff. There’s quite a bit of real science on how a simple gratitude practice (whether it be journaling or simply giving thanks out loud) actually changes you on a biochemical level.

Indeed, a positive mindset is a powerful (healthy) force.

Studies have shown how the expression of gratitude leads to measurable effects on multiple body and brain systems, including mood neurotransmitters, stress and reproductive hormones, immune and inflammatory responses, and the list goes on…

It’s not just a practice that benefits your mental mindset; sure, gratitude makes you feel better — but it also makes you get better (as in biologically healthier.)

Yogi Bhajan (the yogi who introduced Kundalini Yoga to the West) said, “If you just feel happy for what you have, have an attitude of gratitude, and be grateful, then it will come true—you will be GREAT and you will be FULL…All happiness will come to you if you are happy. Happiness will come to you because happiness wants to go where happiness is.”

Think along the lines of seeing the glass half full versus half empty — whichever mindset you habitually choose is going to affect your life (whether you like to admit it or not.)

If you’re someone who routinely thinks you can’t achieve your goals, or you can’t afford your goals, or you don’t have time for achieving your goals…well, then, that’s going to be your truth. I know life is complicated and a downright messy struggle at times, but you always have choices.

You. Always. Have. Choices.

And the choice is yours. 

I want you to remember this as you head into Black Friday — the busiest shopping weekend of the year.

Are you making smart choices as a consumer and purchasing what you truly need and want? Are you making purchases that are in support of your goals, your highest self and the life you want?  Or, are you falling victim to the Black Friday sales?

I’m mentioning this because I hear from so many people that they just “can’t afford” to do the things that they really want to, like travel, yoga and wellness retreats, working with a coach, meditation retreats, etc.  Yet, the average person has a Starbucks habit totaling about $100 each month. Seriously…that’s approximately $1200 a year on freaking lattes.

Think about that. If this is triggering you, really think about that.

My point is that the little things that you think you need (but don’t really, truly need) may be the very things holding you back from living the life you’re dreaming about while you’re sipping on that Starbucks.

My hope is that you make choices this weekend that truly advance your health and long-term happiness, not just make a dent in your wallet because you couldn’t resist a “good” sale.

You. Always. Have. Choices.

And the choice is yours. 

Wishing you lots and lots of healthy, holiday high vibes. Wishing you a life elevated.

P.S. My mission in life is to get you to stress less and LIVE more. In fact, after guiding many awesome clients through my Stress Less + Live More Mastery Program the past couple of years, I’m getting ready for its next iteration – Life Elevated ™. If you’re feeling the call to rise up, I’m willing to talk with a few of you (if you’re truly serious about doing what it takes to elevate your life – in all areas. And, I can tell you this, I always reward those who rise up and take action.) I’m opening my calendar, Saturday through Monday, to take a few (complimentary) Life Elevated introductory sessions with some of you (I can only take the first 5)!  CLICK HERE to set up a time on my calendar. Can’t wait!

I know you know how fast a year goes by…be honest and ask yourself right now: are you where you want to be in life and in health? Are you ready to take things higher in 2018?   If you’re curious about the 1:1 coaching process, let’s chat.



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