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As many of you know, one of my main missions is to make mindfulness and meditation more available, accessible and relevant to our modern lives — in a sort of ‘real practices for our real lives’ kind of way. I’ve dedicated the last several years to working through my Master’s in Mindfulness Studies (I finish this Spring! YAY!), as well as several other holistic living & wellness trainings/certifications. I’m ALL in. We need this now more than ever. Aaaand, that’s exactly why I left my corporate VP role a few years ago.

That said, and in order to bring practical wellness guidance to as many women as I possibly can, I have always kept one foot in the corporate & media world (and the other on the coaching/teaching side.) I consulted with Yoga Journal magazine for 4 years; I continue to write (former journalist and PR exec here), and I continue to collaborate and consult with companies I consider to be at the intersection of real life and wellness/conscious business.

Soooo — I wanted to let you know how super excited I am to start consulting and collaborating with Breethe meditation app. It’s one of the most downloaded better sleep & meditation apps out there! ❤️

Stay tuned and feel free to check them out here: https://breethe.com/

P.S. Nothing is changing in terms of my coaching programs — coaching is what I love most!

Let’s do this!  ?


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