Jumping in Feet First, Scorpions and All…

I’m going to start by saying the particular scorpions (of which I’ll talk about in just one sec) are not lethal. In fact, the locals (I was in Nicaragua) suggest you drink a really strong cup of black coffee to dilate the blood vessels and get the venom moving quickly out of your system should you have the misfortune of getting stung. (Ok….)

Anyhow, last week I found myself on a rather spontaneous (and quite adventurous!) night hike of the Masaya Volcano — located outside of the colonial city of Granada, Nicaragua (where I was spending my Thanksgiving holiday with friends and family.)

There were lots of bats, jungle bugs (hello tarantulas!), and one of the most spectacular sunsets I’ve ever seen. There were also scorpions. Lots of them, in fact…much more than usual our guide informed us. (Fantastic…)

And I was wearing open, leather sandals (so, yeah, pretty darn close to being barefoot as you can see in the pic above!) While the guides suggest you wear hiking boots (of course I would have if this wasn’t a spontaneous outing!), I just had to make do or miss out.

There was a point on the trail (fairly deep in the jungle…at night,) where legions of small scorpions were teeming across. My guide said, “You have two choices — turn back, or RUN ahead! Stay light on your feet, and move FAST!”

In that nanosecond of a moment I contemplated turning back (and missing the adventure that lie ahead), or simply sucking it up and going for it. I knew they weren’t fatal. Granted, I knew it was going to (freaking) HURT if I got stung but, relatively speaking, I wasn’t in real danger.

I ran ahead.

I trusted it was going to be ok — with or without scorpion stings — and I faced my fears on that trail head on (and feet first, I suppose you could say.) I crossed that path and was able to venture on and explore some truly amazing lava tube caves deep in the jungle, and at night. Something I’ve never done before and may not have the opportunity to do so again.

Here’s the thing — sometimes you just have to face your “scorpions.” It might hurt, it might sting like hell, it might not be easy, the timing and conditions may not be perfect, and you might be cursing under your breath the entire time, but you know in your heart it’s what you need to do to get to the other side.

So, what’s on the other side for you? What are the “scorpions” you’ve been neglecting to face to get there? What’s holding you back? What’s stopping you? How long have you been dreaming of that other side?

Ok, now for one quick moment pretend you’re on that trail. Are you going to leap ahead or turn back? What do you need to do?

Maybe it’s time for you to take a few leaps and say yes to opportunities that show up for you. You never know when or if they’ll come back around.

 And, trust me, it’s not going to sting as much as you think it is.

Wishing you lots of (adventurous!) HIGH VIBES this week!

P.S. Let’s chat and see how I might be able to help you face your “scorpions,” and reach your health + wellness and life goals. We’re approaching the new year – this could be the perfect time to tackle the things you’ve always wanted to and get to the other side. CLICK HERE to set up a time. Can’t wait!


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