“Ice cream” for lunch!

Happy Monday!

I just had to share my “ice cream” lunch today because it really brightened my Monday! Not only is this version healthy and oh so yummy, it’s super fun to have a mid-day summer icy treat!

Here’s my version of “ice cream:”

* 1 ripe banana (organic)

* 1 tbsp of all natural peanut butter (organic)

* 1 tsp of natural vanilla (organic)

* A couple of strawberries (I literally had two left over in my fridge that I tossed in…lol)

* A splash of coconut water

* Plenty of crushed ice

* And I blended it all together in my NutriBullet  (P.S. NutriBullets are small enough to keep in an office kitchen if you want to have access to one at work!!)

And there you go – a creamy (non-dairy!), cold treat to cool down a summer day…because sometimes a girl’s just got to have “ice cream” for lunch (even on a Monday)!




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