Do You Struggle with Committment?

I hope you’re having a wonderful (HIGH VIBE!) start to 2016!

In fact, let me know about any goals — big or small! — you’re working on this year. (I LOVE to hear from you!)

And, since we’re on the topic of 2016 goals, I wanted to share one of my big ones with you. As most of you know I’m deeply committed to lifelong learning and to fostering self growth + development (both in myself and, naturally, in others as a coach.) While I have extensive training and experience in mindfulness, meditation and holistic health, I’ve decided to go even deeper this year in my training and education, and start work toward my Master’s degree in Mindfulness Studies. I start next week and couldn’t be more excited! (P.S. So, yeah, I’m sure I’ll be geeking out — even more than I normally do — over the neuroscientific benefits of a meditation or mindfulness program!)

But here’s why I’m sharing this with you….

I want you to know it was a really scary decision for me — from a financial standpoint, from an age perspective (am I ready to be the new kid at school at nearly 37?), and from a time and workload perspective. I’m an entrepreneur with a private coaching practice, and I’m also a consultant to the leading yoga magazine on newsstands, all of which keeps me busy. So, I had a lot to think about here.

And, naturally, I was experiencing all of those self-sabotaging, negative thought patterns we so often find ourselves stuck in before we step into something bigger, before we stretch ourselves.

And I know you know what I mean. It sounds like this: Am I ready? Is now the perfect time? Do I even have time for this? Should I wait until next year? Or maybe 3 years from now? Should I be investing in this? Do I need this? And, the list goes on.

I had to take a step back and coach myself here, if you will, on this idea of waiting for the “perfect time” or waiting on the “perfect conditions.” I’m going to tell you right now (as I told myself) that whatever those conditions may be — money, time, etc. — it always comes down to fear. It’s our egoic self, or our “small self” stepping in and masking fear as very logical and rational reasons why we should not pursue something.

We’ve justified all the reasons to stop, before we’ve even had a chance to start. We’ve played it safe.

And, logically, it all makes a lot of sense — except for one thing: You know in your heart it’s something you want and need to do in order to experience growth and fulfillment.

So why do we so often stop ourselves? Because uncertainty scares us. (We’re actually hardwired in such a way that the new, the unknown, can trigger safety alarm bells, so to speak, in our sympathetic nervous system and we feel the stress…and that’s a discussion for another day.)

My point here is the issue is never really one of the conditions we’re worried about. It’s not necessarily a financial issue, or a timing issue, or a family issue (although these may be very real challenges that do need to be addressed and solved if moving forward.)

It’s a commitment issue.

Here’s the thing — if you commit, and commit fully to take action with your goal, you will figure the rest out. Until you commit, however, you won’t solve the challenges — because you don’t have to.

I know you’ve heard me say this before…that “perfect moment” we’re waiting for never actually arrives. Don’t get stuck in the cycle of waiting for tomorrow, or next week, or next year.

Start taking action toward your goals in the present moment – in 2016!

The perfect moment is the present moment. Because in the present moment, we honor the commitment. When we honor the commitment, we take action. When we take action, we move forward.

And moving forward feels pretty darn good.

Wishing you lots and lots of high vibes as you get started with — and commit — to your goals this year!


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