Do you stay the course or do you quit?

Let’s talk about how easy it is to get off track.

The simple fact of the matter is that everyone (You! Me! All of us!) will inevitability become momentarily derailed from reaching our health and life goals at one point or another. And, this is precisely the moment many of us give up or quit.

It’s often said that starting is the hardest part. I don’t find this to be true.

It’s the starting again, after you’ve fallen off track, that’s actually the hardest part. And it’s also the most important part.

Staying the course is all about putting yourself in action — again and again and again. It’s about commitment. To be more precise, it’s about your commitment to consistency — your promise to start again every single time your motivation and willpower dips.

How do you to commit to consistency? By letting go of all perfectionist tendencies. Perfectionism does not serve you. In fact, perfectionism is simply procrastination neatly packaged and all tied up with a polished, pretty bow. Don’t let its pretty disguise fool you. Perfectionism will trick you, under the pretense that it has your best interests at heart, into waiting or putting off your goals until everything can be, well, done perfectly! And we all know where this is going…nowhere. Why? Because we don’t start when we’ve been tricked by perfectionism.

Here’s what I’m talking about — ever commit to a 21-day health program or cleanse? You followed it to a tee, but as soon as the 21 days came to an end, you stopped. And then you did nothing. You made yourself the promise that you’ll “stick to it” when you’re ready to start again. But you’re just not ready now…because of work, family, an upcoming vacation, and the list goes on. Have you ever done this? It’s exactly the kind of thinking that keeps us from reaching our goals.

There’s a lot to be said for staying the course — the bumpy, messy, nowhere near perfect course — even when life gets in the way.

The next time you’re in a tough spot and feeling the urge to quit, I want you to keep the big picture in mind and ask yourself if you’re taking small steps consistently over time (and more often than not) that put you in alignment with your health + life goals? In this moment, recognize how far you’ve come! It’s ok when and if you get off track so long as you start again. If you do this time and time again, you’ll get there.

Slow and steady wins the race. Consistency trumps perfect. Action begets action (think of it like a kinetic energy of sorts – you need to keep yourself in motion!)

Wishing you lots and lots of high vibes (lots of consistent high vibes, that is!)


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