Do You Struggle with Committment?

I hope you’re having a wonderful (HIGH VIBE!) start to 2016! In fact, let me know about any goals — big or small! — you’re working on this year. (I LOVE to hear from you!) And, since we’re on the topic of 2016 goals, I wanted to share one of my big ones with you. As most of you know... Read More

Why Diets Don’t Work…

I received an email this week from one of my High Vibers (a.k.a. a client!) telling me she was finally able to put on the pair of jeans she had purchased 5 years ago, but was never actually able to wear (until now). Here’s the exciting part — we’re only in our third month of working together! Now, weight loss... Read More

Jumping in Feet First, Scorpions and All…

I’m going to start by saying the particular scorpions (of which I’ll talk about in just one sec) are not lethal. In fact, the locals (I was in Nicaragua) suggest you drink a really strong cup of black coffee to dilate the blood vessels and get the venom moving quickly out of your system should you have the misfortune of... Read More

It’s Not About Balance…

Balance—I’m often asked how to achieve (and master!) work-life balance. I’m just going to cut to the chase here—you don’t. I’m not sure you ever get your family affairs, relationships, work demands, “me” time and so on, to a place that’s truly “equal” or “even” —as the very term (balance) would suggest. Life simply isn’t easily compartmentalized these days… And... Read More

Does Your Life Easily Flow?

Think back to when you were a kid on summer break. Perhaps you’re lying in the backyard under a big, beautiful tree watching the leaves rustle in the breeze. You’re thinking about how you have the whole summer ahead of you. What adventures are to come? Where will you go? Who will you meet? The possibilities are endless. And you... Read More

Set Your Phone Alarm Today To…

Humor me here and set your phone alarm today to…breathe.  I’m totally serious. I know you’ll be on the go today doing all sorts of errands, perhaps the Farmers’ Market, shopping, taking the kids to the park, dry cleaning – you name it – and you probably won’t rest until late this evening. But I want you to do me... Read More

Stop and Smell the…Wildflowers

Sometimes you have to simply stop and smell the roses — or, in this case, the wildflowers. I’ll be road-tripping this weekend to the peaceful mountain town of Crested Butte (the “Wildflower Capital” of Colorado) for its annual Wildflower Festival. And here’s why I’m mentioning this — even though this is something I’ve been looking forward to for quite some... Read More

Eat Local this Summer—Community Supported Agriculture

I’m getting super excited for the upcoming farm season, and simply cannot wait to visit our local farm (that’s you – 63rd Street Farm, Boulder, Co!) for our weekly pick-ups. That said, I wanted to share a quick post today on Community Supported Agriculture programs (sometimes referred to as CSA Shares) as it’s not too late to get in on all... Read More

Mindfulness at Work

Chat with David Gelles – Author of Mindful Work: How Meditation Is Changing Business from the Inside Out. Mindfulness expert David Gelles is a seasoned journalist,  currently a business reporter for The New York Times, and author of the new book Mindful Work, How Meditation is Changing Business from the Inside Out. The book reveals how meditation + mindfulness practices can lead... Read More

Your Health on Happiness

Chat with ‘Happiness’ Expert + Author Shannon Kaiser. Shannon has been named the Happiness Guru and Top 100 Women to Watch in Wellness by Mind Body Green. She is the best selling author of Find Your Happy, an Inspirational Guide to Loving Life to Its Fullest, and Find Your Happy Daily Mantras, and a six-time contributing author to Chicken Soup for The Soul.... Read More