Are you rising up in your life?

I know it’s been a while.

I’ve been quiet this summer and I wanted to share why. After finalizing construction of and moving into our dream home in Denver, Colorado, we were evacuated after three weeks. And, about two months later, we’re still not back in the home.

One of the leading U.S. lumber companies issued a recall on certain joists (basically, the structural beams supporting the entire house) used in new construction homes across the US. Long story short, the fire resistant coating on the joists was off-gassing dangerous levels of formaldehyde.

It’s actually scary how many industries/products use formaldehyde — so much so that it’s tough to avoid in our daily lives (a rant for another day). Thank goodness I live my mission, and deeply believe we have to clean up our health (and reduce toxins in the body) in order to calm our nervous system, balance our hormones + manage our body’s stress response. I control what I can because ya just never know when you’re going to be living in a house that’s off-gassing poisonous toxins. Ha.

Anyhow, considering this involved the joists, it’s not an easy fix and it’s still an ongoing process with lots of uncertainties.

But such is life.

I was upset at first, but immediately went into problem solving mode. And, I asked myself, how can I make this situation better? How can I make this work to my advantage? How can I use this as an opportunity to experience MORE of life? You know, something along the lines of playing the cards we’re dealt — and playing them incredibly well.
We used this time to experience different parts of Colorado (and fought for the resources from the parties involved) in order to do so. We stayed in city apartments in different Denver neighborhoods, and we spent two AH-MAZING weeks in the mountains in Breckenridge, Co. Currently, I’m in a quaint town on the Front Range between Denver and Boulder (with lots of hiking and biking trails nearby).

So, that’s what we did. We played our hand.

 We rose to the occasion. We problem solved.

 We met the situation with a healthy mix of grace, acceptance and determination.

 We elevated an otherwise sh*tty situation.

In Breckenridge, while I was literally elevated at the high altitude of 9,600 ft., inspiration struck. I was working on the next phase of my Stress Less + Live More Mastery Program, and I knew — figuratively speaking — I had to take things higher. While I’m super proud of this program (and of the transformative results its had on my clients), I knew at that moment it was time for a new perspective to truly get my clients out of their “stuck-ness” and to rise above the habitual patterns currently auto-piloting their health and life.

I won’t share all the details here, but I will say I’m super excited to take my clients even higher in their lives. While the core pillars of my Stress Less + Live More holistic method will be used, I’m busy developing the new 2.o version – Life Elevated ™.

Life Elevated ™ is about:

  • Rising up to meet the challenges in your life with grace and fierce determination (elevating every single freaking situation, obstacle or hand you’re dealt and developing the mindset that will get you there.)
  • Rising above health challenges and stress to meet your goals. When you clean up your health (and your response to stress) you vibrate at a higher, healthier frequency. Vibrant health — or as I like to say, higher vibrational living — gives you more flow, ease and inspiration in your daily life.
  • Rising above your limiting beliefs (and anxiety and overwhelm) — rising above (and rewiring) the habitual patterns that are keeping you stuck.
  • Basically, elevating the F out of your life!

I deeply believe this, my friends. It’s time to elevate, to take things higher, to rise up…because when you rise up to meet your life, the view is freaking unbelievable.


P.S. My mission in life is to get you to stress less and LIVE more. In fact, after guiding many awesome clients through my Stress Less + Live More Mastery Program the past couple of years, I’m getting ready for its next iteration – Life Elevated ™. And I’m so freaking excited that I’m telling you this before any kind of official launch (it’s not even on my website yet!) If you’re feeling the call to rise up, let’s chat (if you’re truly serious about doing what it takes to elevate your life – in all areas.) And, I can tell you this, I always reward those who rise up and take action.

I’m opening my calendar, now through Monday, to take a few (complimentary) Life Elevated introductory sessions with some of you (I can only take the first 5)!  CLICK HERE to schedule a time on my calendar. Can’t wait!

P.P.S. I know you know how fast a year goes by…be honest and ask yourself right now: are you where you want to be in life and in health? There’s still time to take things higher in 2017….

Wishing you lots and lots of healthy, high vibes. Wising you a life elevated.


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