Are you stressed more than you’re happy?

Wow, what a couple of weeks mom Candace Payne had! More than 150 million people around the world laughed (and cried!) with her as she tested out her new Star Wars Chewbacca mask in the parking lot of a Kohl’s, where she purchased the toy (and filmed the video response that went viral!)

Let’s consider why her Facebook video captured hearts across the globe. The relevancy is that we all caught a glimpse and shimmer of what we, perhaps, don’t see and experience often enough as adults – joy. It was pure, authentic, unbridled joy. Nothing fancy, nothing complicated, nothing expensive, and nothing extraordinary. The toy was probably under $20, but it yielded a million dollar laugh from Candace!

This got me thinking (even more than I normally do) about happiness; it’s always a topic I’m discussing with clients. It’s so common for us to anchor our happiness to a goal, specifically, to the desired and expected outcome of that goal: I’ll be happy when I get that raise, or new job, or new house, or the perfect partner. Our attachment to the specific outcome we’re envisioning is dangerous turf. Note – this is not to be confused with the process of creation or the process of pursuing a goal, the journey and momentum of which can be incredibly good for our health and happiness; the danger comes when we hinge our happiness to an expected result. The “I’ll be happy when…” scenario literally steals our joy in the present moment.

Make no mistake about it, conditional happiness is not lasting happiness. Once that shiny, sparkly sheen of newness rubs off, the mind will then latch on to something else – out there – that it thinks will bring happiness. And the vicious cycle goes on and on.

If we’re looking out there for happiness, it’s going to be a long search. We need to be looking inward.

Here’s the thing – we have to learn to be happy now, in the present moment, no matter the circumstances, the job, the family issues, and so on. Finding little moments of joy, like Candace did, and learning to fully experience those more often, will increase our happiness levels consistently over time.

And I absolutely, 100% believe that the first step to truly being able to be happy in the present moment is taking care of our health. It’s truly difficult to feel joy and happiness, or find clarity in our lives, when we’re feeling icky, or experiencing pain, or we can’t sleep from stress, or we can’t remember things clearly due to “brain fog.”

When our body is just trying to survive, it will never thrive. That’s the cold, hard truth.

And I also absolutely, 100% believe that the first step in reclaiming our health, is changing our relationship to stress.

I want you to ask yourself the following:

  • Are you ready to change how your body + brain perceives and processes stress?
  • Are you ready to have more energy + enthusiasm (and not just drag yourself through yet another workday?)
  • Are you ready to feel healthier and more vibrant?
  • Are you ready to truly feel happy more often than not? 

If you know in your heart you’d like to make some changes in your life and if you could use my help in reversing the effects of stress on your health (and happiness!), then let’s chat.

You have all you need currently within you to create whatever it is you want in life, but you have to master your relationship (and response) to stress.

I’m going to GIFT you a Stress Less + Live More Session to help you shift into a healthier mindset and set you up with an individualized action plan.

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Wishing you lots and lots of (healthy, stress-free) high vibes,


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