Hey there!

Welcome to HIGH VIBE OFFICE — here’s a bit of my story and why I’m so passionate about mindfulness & meditation, and holistic health & wellness.

I help busy women (just like you!) who are ready to break the destructive cycle of stress + burnout to live a more energetic, vibrant, happy and healthy life — think of it as higher vibrational (high vibe!) living. Don’t you think it’s time you said buh-bye to the daily grind, and hello to the daily groove?


I’m a former reporter and public relations & marketing professional, who held VP positions at two (fast-paced) media agencies in New York City.  In 2013, I decided to take a “spiritual sabbatical” to study mind/body/soul approaches to living, including holistic health & nutrition and contemplative mindfulness practices that could help to de-stress, as well as to deeply enrich & reinvigorate lives — especially the lives of busy women working full-time and juggling it all. I relocated to the super healthy (actually, at times, intimidatingly healthy) and consciously aware town of Boulder, Colorado. (I now reside in Denver, Colorado.) The metro Denver and Boulder area is consistently ranked as one of America’s “happiest and healthiest” cities; and on the forefront of the natural/organic/clean eating movement.  

There was no turning back.

  • I became a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition — the leading program for integrated, holistic health)
  • A certified Kundalini Yoga (as taught by Yogi Bhajan) & Meditation Instructor;
  • I’m currently pursuing my Master’s degree, in Mindfulness Studies, with Lesley University; and working toward my certification in Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN), which will allow me to use functional lab assessments to monitor the effects of chronic stress on the body.
  • And, finally, I’m a consultant with Yoga Journal magazine, the leading international yoga magazine available on newsstands today.   


Let me share something with you. It’s taken me longer than I care to admit to figure out that staying balanced truly comes down to managing your VIBES.

Vibes? Yes. Vibes — or your energy, frequency, vibration, vibrancy, attitude and mindset. Your ability to consciously cultivate resiliency and positivity, and to show up — every day — as the best possible version of you.  And, having the ability to do this in all areas of your life — office/work, play, relationships, family and health & wellness.

After working 15 years in the fast-paced and, often times, high pressured media industry (primarily in hectic New York City), I started to see a common pattern: more and more young women allowing (work) stress and fear to take over, while putting EVERYTHING else — health, play, travel and relationships — on the back burner.

And I’m going to tell you right now that’s not a sustainable — or FUN! — way to live.  

Creating small, manageable shifts in mindset, diet (food does, in fact, affect how you respond to + process stress), thoughts/intentions and habits will get you into a healthy mind/body/soul flow — even at the office. 

I’ll show you how.